Security & Integrity Is Our Number One Priority

We ensure that all of our document management systems are rigorously tested and checked to ensure the highest security and safety.

How secure is it?

We contract security experts test all of our document management systems. These are the same accredited experts used by the government when they create a new system. We never release any updates until we are sure they are secure.
Our strict deployment policies mean our developers need to maintain high levels of penetration know-how, and in-depth testing is carried out prior to release.

Where are our documents stored?

Our servers are located within a top UK based tier-3 data centre. Access is strictly limited to security-cleared personnel and constantly monitored by extensive CCTV and 24/7 onsite Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited security guards.

Our server’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems undergo continuous assessment to ensure they work to their full potential and deliver high performance day-in, day-out.

Our servers are protected by dual independent power feeds, backed up by Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems and diesel generators capable of running them indefinitely, protecting services from any single power failure.

External access to our servers is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls and intrusion protection systems, which are configured and monitored according to industry best practice.

Contact us about our security checks

If you would like to find out more about our document management systems and the security that we have in place, then please contact us.


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