Use Online Payslips To Improve Efficiency In Your HR Department

Is your HR department busy? Does it handle the pay and legal requirements of hundreds of employees? Do you keep your documents on a variety of storage systems – internal, external, hardcopy or online? Would your life be easier if all documents, payslips and regulatory information were kept in one easily accessible place? If the answer is yes to the above, then RPowered is your solution.

Online payslips & storages of employee information

We provide online document storage giving you a central repository area to store your documents in a variety of formats. You will be able to organise and access any of these documents as and when you require it.

Every employee would be able to access their payslips online.

Reports can be generated by the HR manager to determine whether a payslip has been accessed.

If an employee leaves then access to the company web portal is denied.

Legal and regulation documents are stored online ready for audits or accounts checks.

Online and paperless means a reduction in print and postage costs to your company.

No more Statement of Earnings phone calls when employees can’t locate their P60s

Security & integrity

We ensure that all of our software solutions are rigorously tested and checked to ensure the highest security and safety.

We also ensure all confidentiality agreements are in place with all of our customers before implementing the RPowered document storage and retrieval system.

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