The RPowered Product

Are you able to reproduce the documents you send to your customers, exactly as they were sent? Use RPowered electronic document management system to archive ALL of your documents online and access them wherever and whenever you like. This saves time, space and cost, and helps you to conform to statutory regulations.

Electronic document management,
storage & retrieval system

Our straight-forward electronic document management system provides companies with a safe and efficient way to not only archive all of your customer communications, but provide your customers with access to them as well.

What about raw data?

If you’re not able to provide print ready PDF or Postscript, we can handle the document composition for you. Simply send us the raw data over secure channels, and we’ll take care of generating the documents, archiving them, and notifying you along the way. We can even notify your customers via personalised email or SMS and provide them with access to a self-registration portal so they can securely view them within seconds.

What is the self-registration portal?

We can provide a secure way for your customers to view all communication from you, online. For some companies, the savings in postage alone can be worth tens of thousands each month. Have your customers been asking for a paperless offering? With the UK government’s Digital by Default service standard, there’s a clear push for online services in their digital strategy. The standard includes “… make digital services so good that people prefer to carry out the transaction online rather than by phone, post or in person”. This has been an important point for us in designing RPowered , and we’ve made it as easy to use as possible whilst maintaining the high level of security needed for publishing financial information online.

Online transactions?

Yes, your customers can use their RPowered account not only to view and store their documents, but also to renew their policies or accounts with you by making payments online. We can forward them to your own online payment system, or manage the process for you, and provide you with nightly reconciliation reports. This allows us to prompt your customers when a payment is due, and stop prompting them when payment is made.

How secure is it?

Our service is regularly tested by security experts; the same government accredited experts which local bodies use when a new system goes live. We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to securing your data. Our strict deployment policies mean our developers need to maintain high levels of penetration know-how, and in-depth testing is carried out prior to release. We will not release any updates until we know they are secure.

How does the electronic document management system archive?

We take your print ready PDF or Postscript files and separate them into individual documents before storing them in our secure, online archive. Our compression is unparalleled in the industry*, meaning that as a minimum, we can provide you with several years’ worth of storage for billions of documents. We can read indexing information (meta information such as name, address, account number) from an external source such as CSV or XML file accompanying the documents, scrape the information out of your PDFs or even perform complex lookups in Excel spreadsheets.

* Most archiving systems simply zip each document and store it in a database or filesystem. Some more advanced systems will remove fonts and graphics first. Our unique compression engine produces higher compression than all systems we’ve encountered, and in production, RPowered typically stores complex PDF documents between 900 bytes and 2KB per page – around 1-2% of its original size.

Will I need to change my processes or output?

In short, no! If your document composition tools are capable of generating a CSV file containing the information needed to store and recall a document, then we can make use of it. If it can’t, then we will find a way to work with whatever you can provide – you’ll be surprised at how flexible RPowered is at locating the needed indexing information. The bottom line is; we’ll work hard to fit in with your existing workflow so that you make the least changes possible. There’s no need to change your long standing processes… leave the hard stuff to us!

Why archive?

As regulatory compliance becomes more important, and costlier to ignore, long term storage of the actual documents sent to your customers should be near the top of your list. Perhaps higher on that list is substantial cost savings in postage by offering a paperless service to your customers, and higher efficiencies in your call centre as they bring up the same bill your customer is calling to query.

Quality Control

As a bonus, we also offer collaborative document approval so that you or your team can check the quality of the documents before you print, email or publish them. The approval team will be notified as new documents are archived and can approve or reject them, assigning status flags and adding comments. Once finished, an approval manager can approve or reject the whole batch. Rejected batches can be rerun without losing any of the original comments. Gone are the days of emailing PDFs to your customer for signoff!

There’s still no need to change your processes though. If you supply a full run of all of your documents, RPowered will choose a subset requiring approval with its probability engine. You can flag new document types for mandatory approval if you wish.

Where are your documents held?

Our servers are located within a top UK based tier-3 data centre. Access is strictly limited to security-cleared personnel and constantly monitored by extensive CCTV and 24/7 onsite Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited security guards.

Our server’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems undergo continuous assessment to ensure they work to their full potential and deliver high performance day-in, day-out.

Our servers are protected by dual independent power feeds, backed up by Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems and diesel generators capable of running them indefinitely, protecting services from any single power failure.

External access to our servers is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls and intrusion protection systems, which are configured and monitored according to industry best practice.

OK, what about pricing

We have a very simple and cost effective pricing policy based on a “click charge” of pages archived. We don’t limit you to just a few user accounts either; set up all of your employees at no extra cost, even if you have thousands. If you’d like your customers to access their own documents through the self-registration portal, there’s an additional monthly fee, however this is a fixed price and not based on the number of users created. You’ll never receive a surprise invoice from us!

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