Document Management Systems For Insurance Companies

Effective communication with your customers & staff

Policy holder questions, queries from other insurance companies, HR issues, sales enquiries, quotes, information required by auditors. This is a small fraction of the demands on stored information.

Is it near at hand? Easily accessible? Quick to locate?
You may have numerous internal and external storage areas for the vast amounts of documents that companies accumulate over the years.

Urgent need for document management systems

If this is a familiar scenario to you, then your company may be in urgent need of a smooth efficient system. A way of organising, filing and retrieving vast amounts of archived documents within a short space of time.

The fact that you are on our website, suggests that your company is looking for a more efficient alternative. RPowered can provide this solution. Our system can store, archive and retrieve hundreds of thousands of documents every single day.

Why is our system unique?

RPowered will securely store your hardcopy documents in their original digital format. Our data compression is second to none, meaning that as a minimum, we can provide you with several years’ worth of storage for billions of documents.

We can store ALL of your company documents and provide immediate access.
Staff can access their own payslips, sales can access documents posted or emailed out, customers can access their policy documents, customer service operators can see the same document as the client. This means no confusion, no hardcopy paperwork and no fuss.

Your policy holders will receive an email offering online documents. Once they have registered and logged in, all of their documents are immediately available, saving a substantial amount in print and post, and ensuring timely delivery. We also offer a chase cycle to alert your policy holders if they haven’t viewed a welcome pack or other important document.

Lower costs

Each customer who chooses to go ‘paperless’ with their documentation, reduces the print and postage costs for your company.

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

As an added bonus, you will be helping the planet by reducing the amount of paper used. The government is encouraging companies to go paperless and thus reduce their carbon footprint.

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