Online File Storage & Document Management
For Energy Companies

We currently work with one of the largest energy companies in the UK.

RPowered for your customers

The energy company uses RPowered to provide an efficient customer service to its clients by providing instant access to customer communication to their call centre. Staff can easily access energy bills, statements and other documents in seconds, exactly as their customers see it.

All online documents in one place

Imagine, ALL of your documents in one secure place. This will free up extra space on your office systems, RPowered reduces company’s carbon footprint and lowers costs due to a reduction in print and postage.

Documents and important confidential information – easy to store, easy to retrieve. No hassle.

Regulatory compliance

Energy companies have to ensure their records and documents are readily accessible for audits, investigations and complex enquiries from customers. Documents must be logically ordered and easily accessible, stored in a secure online environment and immediately available if required. RPowered will do this for your company.

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online file storage & document archiving

Email us and we will arrange a convenient time to visit your office and demonstrate the RPowered system. You will be able to see for yourself how the system works and why it would make your company more efficient and cost effective.


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