Document Retrieval
For Your Customers

How easy is it for your customers to receive information from your company? Do you post it, mail it to them as an attachment, or send them a link? Do they always receive the information? Can you track it to be sure they have received their documents?

Why not make the process more efficient and secure by using the customer portal so your customers can access information from your company online? Our document retrieval system ensures that customers can find their documents easily and quickly.

B2C companies

This is an excellent system for any B2C industries. Customers can access insurance documents, legal documents, payslips and P60s, travel information, confidential and personal information, financial statements. Whatever you would normally send out by post, can be retrieved online.

Consumer portal by RPowered

Our consumer portal allows secure access for your customers or employees:

Customisable look & feel – branded for your company

Flexible self-registration with full validation

Email activation

Thumbnail view of documents

New and unread document indicator

Call centre aware of views

B2C marketing messages

Efficient document retrieval

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