Helping Councils To Streamline Communication

With the UK government’s Digital by Default service standard, there’s a clear push for online services in their digital strategy. The standard includes “… make digital services so good that people prefer to carry out the transaction online rather than by phone, post or in person”.

We work in partnership with a large council in the North of England to increase the efficiency of their communications, both externally and internally.

Regulatory compliance

RPowered will order and store ALL of your documents online. This ensures documents are easily accessible, both internally, and to your employees, customers and rate payers. Our online archiving solutions will ensure that your council meets its regulatory compliance rules in relation to its storage of documents and records.

Internal communication

We create branded consumer portals for our clients. This means that customers and internal staff can quickly and easily access the information they require by logging in to the website portal.

Examples of documents stored with RPowered

Please find below a number of documents that RPowered currently stores online for its clients:

HR information including Employee Benefits

Payslips, P60s, P11Ds and P45s

Invoices and statements

Insurance Policies

Pension information

Energy bills

Welcome letters

Rates notices


Find out more about how RPowered works with councils

Please email us and we will arrange a convenient time to visit you and demonstrate the system. See how our online document storage solution ensures you meet regulatory compliance rules.


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