Document Management Solutions For Call Companies

Constant calls from customers, questions, queries and issues – the everyday norm for call centre operators.

How refreshing would it be if when a customer called, your call centre operator could immediately retrieve the relevant document and see an exact copy on the screen in front of them. The page numbers would be the same, the layout and format identical. This would speed up the communication, reduce any confusion and shorten the call time.

RPowered provides a call centre service

Our document management solutions compress and store high volumes of documents – policies, statements, invoices, letters, bills, price lists, sales information into an organised system that enables quick retrieval. Use our swift retrieval system and within seconds you will have the information in front of you.

Advanced technology for online storage

RPowered has created a system that uses a fraction of the storage space of other document archive and retrieval systems. We have worked hard to develop this.

Most archiving systems simply zip each document and store it in a database or filesystem. Some more advanced systems will remove fonts and graphics first. Our unique compression engine produces higher compression than all systems we’ve encountered, and in production. RPowered typically stores complex PDF documents at less than 2KB per page – around 1-2% of its original size.

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