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Cost cutting, paper reducing, highly efficient online storage solution.
Companies are under pressure to develop effective strategies and procedures to enable safe, secure archiving and storage of their data and documents.
RPowered provides that solution.

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RPowered is an online document storage and retrieval system like no other

Whether your high volume documents are created internally through your management information system, a report writer, or fulfilled by a mail house, RPowered will archive them at high speed and provide you with unlimited access through its intuitive web interface.

Our online document storage software receives your original document and archives it securely online.

Documents can be retrieved immediately by those who have permission through the intuitive web interface.

Information can be found via a familiar full text search interface, or it can be located by specific criteria.

Built and hosted here in England, RPowered archives and retrieves millions of documents, throughout the UK.

RPowered is secure and safe.

Why is this different from other cloud archiving systems?

Most archiving systems simply zip each document and store documents in a database or filing system. Some more advanced systems will remove fonts and graphics first. Our unique compression engine produces higher compression than all systems we’ve encountered.

RPowered typically stores complex PDF documents at less than 2KB per page – around 1-2% of its original size.

This means that the document can be retrieved and viewed in its original form, so when call centre operators are talking to a customer they can retrieve letters and documents and view them exactly as your customers see them.

Who uses RPowered ?

Every company has paperwork that has to be archived.
RPowered is particularly useful for the following companies and sectors:


  • Human Resources (HR) Departments – to store electronic payslips so that employees can access them online.
  • Insurance companies – insurance policies and letters can be archived and retrieved by the policy holder, or when claims are made or queries raised.
  • Energy companies – customers can access their energy documents and welcome packs online.
  • Call centres – customer information is stored online and can be immediately retrieved. Call centre operator and customer will view the same information
  • Mail houses – to store documents online once they have been sent out on behalf of their customers.
  • Healthcare – electronic document management for patient records and confidential information
  • Hospitality Industry

What is the benefit of online document storage?


  • Less hardcopy paperwork storage – thousands of documents stored electronically, either in the cloud or on your premises, rather than filed.
  • More space – no paper files so less space required for storage.
  • Regulatory and compliance friendly – keeps all your paperwork safe online for auditing, for as long as you need
  • Secure and reliable storage
  • The carbon footprint of your company is reduced.
  • Lowers print and paper costs for your company.
  • Significant savings on postage – customers can access documents online.

Document examples

RPowered wasn’t designed for just one type of document. Its electronic document management system can determine document boundaries and extract indexing information for virtually any kind of high volume documents you produce. Just to name a few, typical documents include:

Invoices and statements

Insurance policies

Energy bills

Welcome letters

Bank statements

Rates notices


Employee benefits

Cutting edge technology to reduce waste

This is a unique product created by our developers. It is unlike anything else on the market. It is reliable and secure, and it just works. We already work with energy companies, and councils and are now looking to help organisations and businesses in the UK to reduce their paperwork and their carbon footprint

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